Revitalizing Beauty Secret Bundle


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Pamper your skin with this amazing 4-piece skincare bundle. In this bundle, you are getting a discount on each of the full size products plus the two 30 mls are FREE!

Your skin will look softer and smoother, with a more even skin tone. The newest and most innovative beauty device uses unique technology to help intensify absorption of creams and serums. 

This Bundle Includes:

  • Gayeonhwa Ampoule, 2 x 15ml
  • Beauty Device
  • Gayeonhwa Peeling Magic Care 150ml
  • Gayeonhwa Toner 30ml (FREE)
  • Gayeonhwa Emulsion 30ml (FREE)

Gayeonhwa Ampoule Set 

A high-quality premium ampoule formula with 5 rare mushrooms complex and Korean Red Ginseng extract that delivers skin looking brighter, softer and smoother. 

Beauty Device: Micro-vibration technology with ion helps by intensifying the absorption of creams and serums.

Features and Benefits:

  • Light and non-sticky texture formula helps to penetrate deeply into the skin that gives the skin a long-lasting healthy glow 
  • Helps brighter looking skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firmer-looking skin 

Gayeonhwa Peeling Magic Care

A peeling gel made with natural cellulose granules to gently polish skin, scrub away impurities for a silky, smooth finish and gently removes dead skin cells. 

Gayeonhwa Toner

Toner to soften and moisturize the skin with intricately added rich nutrition from red ginseng and 5 types of rare and precious mushroom extracts. 

Gayeonhwa Emulsion

Emulsion that intricately added rich nutrition from red ginseng and 5 types of rare and precious mushroom extracts; to straighten and soften out fragile skin.  

Suggested Daily Routine

After cleansing with Gayeonhwa Foaming Cleanser
Step 1. Toner
Step 2. Ampoule
Step 3. Emulsion

After cleansing with Gayeonhwa Foaming Cleanser.
Step 1. Peeling Magic Care
Step 2. Toner
Step 3. Ampoule with Beauty Device
Step 4. Emulsion

Suggestions: Try Gayeonhwa Eye Cream before the Emulsion