Gayeonhwa by Coréana

Coreana Skincare

Welcome to the world of Coréana Cosmetics. Coréana has been around since 1998, and are at the top of the class when it comes to Korean skincare. Over the years, they have received many awards and say it is all thanks to their basic principles of “high quality products” with their focus on enhanced technology.

Coreana’s goal is to share beauty and happiness with customers all over the world, based on their motto “Art through Nature”.

Gayeonhwa by Coréana

Gayeonhwa meaning, Ga "Beauty", Yeon "Lovely" Hwa "Shine" 

Gayeonhaw is multifunctional, high-quality, premium Korean skincare line to nourish and balance skin texture with rich nutrition. It contains 5 types of a rare precious mushroom complex and 100% pure red ginseng, all organically grown in Korea. Harvested and aged for six years, Gayeonhwa concentrates on maintaining a healthy, well-hydrated and nourished skin which results in young, healthy-looking, skin by balancing "Yin" and "Yang" of skin, to last a lifetime. 

Herbal material that is good to the skin with high-performance luxury skincare to increase the functionally of herbal effects and product value, while helping various skin problems.