The Power of the Foot Peel - The Skin Republic

January 19, 2021

The Power of the Foot Peel - The Skin Republic

What is a Foot Peel?

Just like sheet masks for your face, foot masks are a fun and effective way to moisturize, brighten, soothe, or exfoliate your skin.

Foot peels in particular have become more popular over the past few years for their night-and-day results. These masks use a high concentration of exfoliating ingredients to peel a layer of skin from your feet over about one to two weeks.

Since the skin on your feet is so much tougher than the skin on your face, foot masks have to use much more intensive ingredients to produce similar results. It's important to take the sensitivity of your feet into account before using exfoliating masks. During the peeling process, you'll probably want to wear socks and sneakers since your skin will come off in large sheets.

Even though the foot peeling process might not look great, the results speak for themselves. Skin Republic's Foot Peel is well-known for its amazing softening abilities, with many reviewers raving that their dry, cracked heels were completely replaced by soft, supple skin.

Skin Republic Foot Peel

Skin Republic is a skincare brand known for its sheet masks, especially its Foot Peel. This peel uses ingredients like lactic acid, vitamin E, and Ginkgo Biloba to peel away dry skin without irritation.

How to Use

The Foot Peel comes in a plastic packet like any standard sheet mask, but rather than one microfiber sheet, it comes with two booties.

After washing your feet, cut along the suggested lines on the booties' ankles. The booties are made of two layers: a protective plastic outer layer that prevents the liquid inside from escaping and a soft microfiber inner layer soaked in liquid. Make sure your feet are inside the inner layer once you put them on.

You can leave the peel on for up to 120 minutes, with a recommended minimum time of 90 minutes. If you want to walk around while wearing the peel, just put large socks on over the booties.

Once you remove the booties, be sure to rinse your feet thoroughly. After a few days (up to a week), your feet will start to peel. Over the next week or so, you'll watch thick layers of dead, dry, and dehydrated skin peel off your feet, leaving soft new skin behind.

Key Ingredients

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

The star ingredients of this peel are the alpha hydroxy acids, also called AHAs. The Skin Republic Foot Peel contains two kinds of AHAs:
  • Lactic acid: a gently exfoliating acid
  • Glycolic acid: a more intense acid widely considered the "gold standard" of AHAs
Together, these acids work to produce the peeling action that has made the Foot Peel so popular. Over two weeks or so, these acids dissolve the "glue" that holds the outer, dead layer of skin together and reveal a fresh layer underneath.

The AHAs in the Skin Republic Foot Peel are plant-derived and gentle enough for almost anyone to use but are in a high enough concentration to give dramatic results.

Ginkgo Biloba

People have used Ginkgo Biloba for centuries for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. In the Foot Peel, this ingredient helps offset any irritation that may occur from the AHAs and ensures your feet are soft and moisturized once you remove them from the mask.

Ginkgo Biloba is also a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production, repairs damaged cells and is popularly used for its anti-aging properties.

Vitamin E

In addition to Ginkgo Biloba, Skin Republic's Foot Peel includes vitamin E, which is one of the most well-known ingredients in skincare. As an antioxidant, vitamin E is used as a reparative agent and to reduce signs of aging.

Vitamin E also acts as a moisturizer and an anti-inflammatory ingredient, so your feet are soft and smooth after masking.

Plant Extracts

From lavender and honeysuckle to olive fruit and rosemary, the Skin Republic Foot Peel is packed with a variety of plant extracts with beneficial effects for the skin:
  • Lavender: promotes collagen production
  • Honeysuckle: anti-inflammatory
  • Olive: softening and soothing
  • Rosemary: anti-aging and soothing
  • Tea tree: anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial

The Bottom Line

If you have dry, cracked heels or heavy calluses, the Skin Republic Foot Peel is an easy-to-use foot mask that delivers incredible results. Thanks to its high concentration of alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin E, and a range of beneficial plant extracts, the Foot Peel is simultaneously moisturizing and exfoliating, giving you soft, smooth feet in just a few days.

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