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Customize your Hair Care Routine with Roots

March 19, 2021

Customize your Hair Care Routine with Roots

How to Customize Your Hair Care Routine With Roots

Just like everyone has their own skin type, we all have our own hair type as well. Hair type plays a significant role in the look, feel, and condition of our hair. That’s why it’s so important to pick hair care products that are designed to work well with our hair type.

Luckily, Roots’ specialized hair care products are formulated to give specific hair types the care they need. From sensitive scalps to color-treated hair, Roots has a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment that will transform your hair in just four months.

What is My Hair Type?

“Hair type” refers to the overall texture, thickness, porosity, and moisture of your hair. Your hair type is determined primarily by genetics, but it can also be affected by your environment and even the products you use in it.


Texture, also known as curl pattern, refers to how straight or curly your hair is. Whether your hair is straight or curly is a result of your genetics and can’t be permanently changed. Although professional treatments can relax or curl hair that’s already grown out of your head, any new hair that grows will be your natural texture again.

Depending on your hair texture, your hair will have different needs. For example, curly and coily hair usually needs a lot of moisture. These hair types benefit from regular use of a deep conditioner or hair mask.

On the other hand, straight hair types tend to be more oily. People with straight hair often have to wash their hair every day to avoid excessive oiliness.


In general, hair can be fine, medium, or coarse in thickness. While thicker hair holds curls better, it’s often more difficult to style. On the other hand, fine hair tends to be wispy and straight but is much easier to style.

The thickness of your hair can also affect your rate of hair loss. If you have fine hair, you should be careful when brushing or combing it to make sure you don’t accidentally break any strands.


One aspect of hair type that most people don’t consider is your hair’s porosity. If you have highly porous hair, it means that your hair absorbs water and products easily. As a result, highly porous hair is easy to moisturize.

Low porosity hair, on the other hand, absorbs water and products more slowly. This hair type needs more intensively moisturizing products to stay healthy.


Although straight hair tends to be on the oily side and curly hair tends to be drier, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You might have noticed that you have oily hair if your roots look dirty just a day or two after washing. Conversely, if you have dry hair, you might have noticed your hair feeling rough or your scalp flaking.

The moisture in your hair is the easiest part of your hair type to manipulate. Clarifying shampoos, scalp oils, and leave-in conditioners all help balance hair moisture. No matter what products you use, however, some people just have oilier hair than others, which is important to take into account when choosing hair care products.

Roots Hair Care Products

Roots’ hair products are individually formulated to suit a specific hair type. Designed to give hair what it needs to be healthy, shiny, and soft, each product gives certain benefits suited to a particular hair type.

Shampoo carries multiple Roots shampoos. From the gentle Sensitive Care Shampoo to the clarifying Extreme Clean Shampoo, there’s an option for everyone. All Roots shampoos are safe for daily use as well as less frequent use.

Generally, Roots shampoos are formulated for the following hair types:

  • Extreme Clean Shampoo - oily hair
  • Sensitive Care Shampoo - sensitive scalps
  • Colour Protect Shampoo - color-treated hair
  • Ultimate Curl Shampoo - curly hair


Along with its shampoos, Roots has a range of moisturizing conditioners designed to give hair the moisture it needs to thrive without weighing it down. Depending on how much moisture your hair needs, choose a Roots conditioner that aligns with your hair type. carries the following Roots conditioners:

  • Silk Finish Conditioner - for oily to normal hair
  • Nourishing Conditioner - for dry, curly, and wavy hair


In addition to shampoo and conditioner, it’s vital to maintain your hair with targeted treatments. also carries Roots Intensive Spray Treatment, which contains moisturizing ingredients to decrease hair thinning and nourish the scalp. When used twice daily, this spray is highly effective at reducing hair loss over time.


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